who we work with

Working with some of the industry’s most renowned equipment manufacturers, Tec Line has developed unique partnerships, driving support and experience across the sector. From combi ovens and rotisseries to hot and cold display equipment, gas burner ranges to pizza ovens and specialist grills, our service and experience mean we can support virtually any hot food equipment.

Tec Line is proud to work in partnership with the following brands:

Beech Ovens

Recognised as the industry leader in speciality cooking ovens. The Beech Oven range includes stone hearth pizza ovens, tandoors, grills and electric bakery ovens.Title


The leader in hot and cold display and preservation equipment. Understanding the importance of quality holding and display, Fri-Jado equipment is known the world over.


Founded more than a century ago, Nieco broilers are at the heart of thousands of kitchens, delivering speed of service and consistent cooking quality.


A leading manufacturer of commercial combi ovens, HOUNÖ equipment combines a strong understanding of operator needs with state-of-the-art innovation and technological development.

In addition to the manufacturer partners we support, Tec Line is also proud to work with some of the industry’s most prominent retail and foodservice businesses. From independent sites to national chains and groups, Tec Line is committed to the highest standards of service and support. Here are just a few of the operators we’re proud to work with: